Fishing Nets Packings

Below are presented the Packaging of our products.

The dimensions vary and are not standard, however

The lenght does not exceed the 70cm,

The widht does not exceed the 60cm,

The height does not exceed the 50cm and

The weight does not exceed the 55kg

Some Indicative combiantions are below:

Lenght (cm) Height (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg)
67 30 23 30
64 60 45 50
55 55 45 45


Several of these packs are stored in that original pack form.

Most of them are opened and are then placed in shelves:

The dimensions of each individual piece has also a large variety and is not sdandard.

The weight can vary from 350gr to 25kg or even 50kg.

The lenght does not exceed the 65cm and are also partly foldable.

Below are some indicative dimensions:

Lenght (cm) Height (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg)
63 24 12 5
64 5 5 0.8
63 13 15 3


Below are some pics of our current shelves: